About Me

About Me

Welcome to Probably Asleep!! I’m Probably Asleep. (okay I’m name’s Shufaa Othman but that’s not very important here.) I like to tell stories, your stories, everyone’s stories. I also like to listen to stories and I like to read them as well. So, my evident obsession with stories needed to be put into something constructive so here we are. Some stories belong to me, others don’t but I’ve gotten permission to retell the stories.

So, why Probably Asleep. I’m a wee bit of a hermit and I’m always in my room. And whenever guests come over and ask where I am my mother says I’m in my room probably asleep. So, I really identify with the phrase.

But also, Probably Asleep because there’s so many things I feel I don’t know, I’m oblivious to. Things that are “slept on”. Things I’ve been through, things other people have been through. There’s just so much out there! So this is just me keeping record of all the things I’m learning, listening to, discovering and “waking up to”. Or simply being entertained by!!

So here’s a guide to my “library”:

  • - Storied: real life happenings, mine and those around me
  • - Book’d: everything I’ve learnt from what books I’ve read and movies I’ve watched
  • - Journaled: my thoughts and reflections
  • - Unwritten: everything that couldn’t be put in words

Happy reading!!

P.s. if you have a story you’d like to share as well, hit me up! It could be about literally anything under the sun! I just like sharing!!